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Libération, France, 11/30/2007
“America plays a devilish part [in Lebanon]”

Excerpts from an interview with Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah:

Who is he?
- 71 years old
- Born in Najaf, Iraq
- He is the spiritual leader most respected by Lebanese Shiites
- He is Hezbollah’s spiritual leader
- [He is based in Lebanon]

Libération: “Lebanon has been in a deadlock for a few months. What should be done in order to avoid unrest?”
Fadlallah: “ It will be very difficult to find a solution to this crisis as long as America has many devilish plans for the region. Look at what is happening in Iraq. Today, all the ingredients for a war are present in Lebanon(…)”

L: “Are we heading towards a confrontation between Shiites and Sunnis in Lebanon?”
F: “(…) Our problem is that America plays a devilish part. After causing dissension between Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites, the Americans would like to do the same in our country [Lebanon] “

L: ”In your preaches, you have criticized the Western media. Why?”
F: ”America puts pressure on the European press. During the conflict in Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah, there was also a world war against our movement. Westerners always support our enemies. This injustice hurt us a lot. We thought that Europe was different form America, that it could distance itself from the American policy. But we noticed that the Old continent is under the influence of Washington, which wants to lay its hand on the Arab-Muslim world, its natural resources, its consumer markets and its political and cultural bases. All the European heads of state are working for Bush.“

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