Sample Croissant: 05/11/2007
Source (Name, Country)      Date       Title
Al Hayat, Saudi Arabia      05/07/2007      The US – Iran – Syria triangle
El Watan, Algeria      05/06/2007      Overview of the Moroccan Islamists
El Watan, Algeria      05/08/2007      Crisis inside the GSPC / AQIM after the 4/11 attacks
Le Monde, France      05/03/2007      Excerpts of an interview with Algerian Prime Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem
Le Temps, Switzerland      05/07/2007      Ahmadinejad, new hero of the Arab street
Libération, France      04/30/2007      Southern Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban
Liberté, Algeria      05/06/2007      Dismantling of recruiting cells in Algeria
L’Economiste, Morocco      05/08/2007      A major recruiting cell dismantled in Morocco
L’Expression, Algeria      05/02/2007      Financing of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
L’Expression, Algeria      05/05/2007      A US base in Africa?

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