Sample Croissant: 11/02/2007
Source (Name, Country)      Date       Title
El Watan, Algeria      10/20/2007      Lebanon – part 3: a widening gap between communities
El Watan, Algeria      10/21/2007      Lebanon – part 2: Traveling inside Hezbollahland
El Watan, Algeria      10/22/2007      Lebanon – part 1: Lebanon on the brink of war and bankruptcy
Le Figaro, France      10/17/2007      The Middle East is getting ready for war
Le Monde, France      10/23/2007      A frightening look at the Iranian Revolutionary Guards
Le Monde, France      10/20/2007      A Belgian jihadist tells all about his Iraq war
Libération, France      10/26/2007      Massive desertion among Pashto fighting Taliban
TelQuel, Morocco      10/20/2007      Wahhabism penetration in Morocco

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