Sample Croissant: 12/21/2007
Source (Name, Country)      Date       Title
Le Figaro, France      12/05/2007      US using new methods to spy on Iran?
Le Temps, Switzerland      11/30/2007      Pro-Putin youth movements: reminder of the 1920’s soviet propaganda
Le Temps, Switzerland      11/30/2007      Increased nuclear proliferation makes a dirty bomb attack more likely
Libération, France      11/30/2007      “America plays a devilish part [in Lebanon]”
Liberation, France      12/06/2007      After many electoral promises: does president Sarkozy walk the walk?...
Liberation, France      11/29/2007      Sarkozy’s major faux pas with Syria: serious consequences for Lebanon
L’Orient Le Jour, Lebanon      12/03/2007      Gulf monarchies: Shiites are in conflict with the regimes, not with the Sunnis

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