Sample Croissant: 03/07/2008
Source (Name, Country)      Date       Title
L'Economiste, Morocco      03/03/2008      Belliraj network, Part 3: Belliraj was an informer for the Belgian secret services
La Gazette du Maroc, Morocco      02/29/2008      Belliraj network, Part 4: Consequences of the dismantling
Le Figaro, France      02/21/2008      Omega Force, an armed special force in Colombia, fighting the FARC
Le Figaro, France      02/21/2008      Kosovo's independence: 1st step towards a Great Albania?
Le Figaro, France      02/25/2008      Belliraj network, Part 1: Dismantling of the Islamist network in Morocco
Le Monde, France      02/21/2008      Islamist debacle in legislative elections in Pakistan's North West Frontier province
Liberation, Morocco      02/22/2008      Belliraj network, Part 2: inside the network that infiltrated society

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